The Beers

Village Blonde

American Blonde. A great lawnmower beer for the hooplehead in all of us.

4.8% ABV/18 IBU

Coffee Vanilla Blonde

OMG! That cute, little Blonde from the Village is a lot more fun when she is hanging with her BFFs: Coffee and Vanilla. Now, it’s a party!

4.8% ABV/18 IBU

Winter Marzen

Oktoberfest is a German fall festival featuring beer drinking. In 2021, Oktoberfest began on September 18 and ended on October 3. (Oh you thought Oktoberfest was just in October?) Well, in Lake Ann, when your beer production schedule was off and November was when you could fit in brewing a Marzen – an Oktoberfest style beer, you get this one in December! (FYI: The root word for Marzen is Marz, which is March in German). Who cares when this beer is suppose to be brewed, served and enjoyed? It is now! Prost!

6.0% ABV/23 IBU

Lake Ann Amber

American Amber. Copper colored, slightly toasty with hints of caramel made with locally grown hops: Magnum, Cascade and Fuggles.

5.3% ABV/25 IBU

Doc Shilliday’s Cream Stout

American Cream Stout. Nice, chocolaty, brewed with milk sugar. Named after Lake Ann’s first physician WM. J Shilliday, that served Lake Ann for 26 years. One of the Must-Sip Northern Michigan Dark Beers by

5.2% ABV/22 IBU

Ensconced Oatmeal Stout

A dry stout with a “draped in velvet” mouth feel. Give this roasted malt brew a reason to order another or bring some home for the holidays.

6.0% ABV/32 IBU

Imperial Stout

Our Imperial Stout is filled with the flavors of coffee and chocolate with a smooth, silky body. Served in a 13oz tulip glass.

8.6% ABV/67 IBU

Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout

We modified our Imperial Stout to include orange which compliments the flavors of coffee and chocolate with a smooth, silky body. Served in a 13oz tulip glass.

8.6% ABV/67 IBU

Platte River Porter

A classic, rich Brown Porter.
Perfectly balanced and very drinkable. Just like you when canoeing the Platte.

5.3% ABV/22 IBU

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Porter

Our Brown Porter kicked up a notch with flavors of chocolate and Trinidad Scorpion pepper. The Trinidad Scorpion Pepper was ranked the hottest pepper in the world in 2011 by the Guinness World Records. It held that rank until August 2017 when the Carolina Reaper took the top spot!

5.3% ABV/22 IBU

Jungle Fungus IPA

A light bodied session IPA featuring Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Citrus flavor notes. When I was a kid, a neighbor used to push mow his lawn with bare feet. He used to pay me a quarter for every pint of acorns I picked up underneath his oak tree because the acorns hurt his feet. My mom told me he didn’t like wearing shoes because he had jungle fungus.

5.3% ABV/44 IBU

County Motel IPA

Things are going good for you… work is picking up… you bought a new shirt… paid off your truck… but you met this girl… things were going good, but… she has a big personality, you’ve got a big personality… next thing you know, you’re spending the weekend in the County Motel… no big deal… it’s back to work Monday, heading to the supply house.
An American IPA with Maris Otter and Wheat Malt. Dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops.

6.8% ABV/58 IBU

Hard Seltzer


An original margarita flavor for this batch of hard seltzer: lime, lemon and a hint of salt.

5.0% ABV


Christmas Pear

A dry cider made with Bartlett pears. Fruity, floral with a hint of spice. This cider may remind you of a favorite Christmas song … one that is dry and goes on and on….and a partridge in a pear tree. You can thank us later for putting this song in your head! Merry Christmas!

6.0% ABV


A medium-dry blend of Greening, Spartan and McIntosh apples. Go Green!

6.0% ABV

Cranberry Ginger

A tart, hard cider infused with cranberry and ginger for the holiday season.

6.0% ABV

Cinnamon Twist

We blended cinnamon spices with a medium-dry hard apple cider to create our “twist” on the classic flavor combination of apples and cinnamon.

6.0% ABV


This cider is mostly McIntosh apples, which account for it’s distinctly McIntosh flavor. Its flavor profile is rounded out with Rhode Island Greening and Northern Spy apples for tartness.

4.5% ABV

Green Guy

Single Varietal cider made from “Rhode Island Greening” apples grown on Old Mission. Mostly used as a pie apple, the tart flavor of the Greening is what makes makes for a clean and tart, semi-sweet, “Green Apple” cider.

5.0% ABV

RIP Taylor

1/2 Alumni, 1/2 Exerciser



A fermented beverage made with apple cider and honey is a sweet blend of local spy apples, star thistle honey and maple syrup rounded out with just the right amount of cinnamon. Think apple pie in a glass.

6.0% ABV

Habanero Mango Cyser

A draft mead made with a mix of mango, habanero pepper, honey and apple flavors.

6.9% ABV


Chair Side Chardonnay

A dry chardonnay with flavors of pear and citrus fruits to enjoy no matter what type of chair you are seated in.

11.0% ABV

Lakeside Red

A dry, oak aged Cabernet Franc red wine with hints of cherry, currant and plum. Served chilled.

12% ABV

Patio Pet Policy

We have allowed well behaved pets on the patio for several years now. Mostly to allow travelers to bring pets out of the car while enjoying a drink. We have had a large up tick of pets this summer which has added to an already chaotic summer of rules and regulations put upon us. Going forward, we ask that you only bring a pet if it is absolutely necessary, as we don’t want to have to make more rules.

Thanks, Matt